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5 Ways to Unclog Garage Floor Drain

Clogs of any kind on the garage floor drain are undoubtedly a terrible nuisance. Despite their ceases, you can be armed with the best ways to unclog the drain. In case you have a continuous floor drain in your garage, a backup is undeniably a messy experience. The clogged floor would not only leave water standing on your garage floor but also ruin your tools and electronics. Prevention is better than cure, as such, clean the drain as soon as you notice water draining slowly. That doesn’t work always work thus the temptation to rent or buy a plumber’s snake to clear the clog. However, one should avoid commercial drain cleaners, they’re not only caustic but can also eat through your pipes leaving you with a bigger mess. Instead, consider these means to unclog your garage floor drain.

Liquid drain cleaners

Basically, these are chemical-based consumer product that unblocks floor drains thus preventing the occurrence of clogged drains. Drain cleaners can be categorized into chemical or device drain cleaners. You can read reviews and buyer’s guide for top drain cleaner at UNCLOGADRAIN.COM


This is a tool that virtually every garage owner should have in hand, if not, kindly acquire one, it won’t cost you the earth. Create a good seal by smearing its end with petroleum jelly. Afterwards, depress the plunger forcefully repeatedly while pouring a few cups of water to see what it drains.

Manual Plumber’s Snake

Use it to clear the drain gently. Rotate the plumber’s snake while inserting it into the clogged drain. Once you encounter some resistance, you’ll know that you’ve reached the source of the clog. Try to hook it into the clog and continue pushing to dismantle it and then rotate the snake after completion to withdraw it. After withdrawal, wipe it clean and then flush the drain with a stream of water. Once you’re satisfied with the state of the drain, simply replace the cover.

Use baking soda and vinegar

This method basically relies on the reaction between vinegar and baking soda to help speed up a slow drain. However, this method is not appropriate for a situation where we have standing water and the drain is completely clogged. The reaction causes a bubbling clean action inside the drain, something that leads to unclogging of the drain. You just need to pour 1 cup of the mixture down the drain and increase it slowly. After the bubbling cease, pour more water down the drain to ensure that there are no more clogs. If the clog isn’t over, repeat the process until you get satisfactory outcome.

Professional Plumbers and High-Tech Tools

As a last resort, consider a professional plumbing service and have a headache sorted out on your behalf. Professional plumbers will quickly diagnose the cause of the clog. They solve the clog by using high tech equipment which ranges from fiber optic cameras for the interior view, electric augers and the hydro-jetters that remove the drain via high-pressure streams of water.


Irrespective of which angle you view the clogs on your garage floor drain, one thing is certain, it’s not something you can ever smile about. It’s prudent to strike while the iron is hot. I mean, you don’t have wait for the resultant plumbing emergency. Any savvy garage owner should endeavor to have their floor drains cleaned every three to five years as part of the maintenance schedule.

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