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How to Change Your Car’s Engine Oil?

It is not possible for everyone to repair their own cars. However, it becomes the need of the hour to achieve some kind of routine maintenance of your vehicle every now and then. At such frequent intervals, running to your vehicle’s service center would not be an economical option. Therefore, you can try out some repair tactics all by yourself at home.

Changing the car engine’s oil is the simplest thing that you can do by yourself. If you are setting out on yourself to change the oil of your car engine, then these tips might help you out:

Get the Basic Information About the Car: Every car model tends to differ from the other in some respects. You would need to purchase car oil (around 4-5 quarts) along with the oil filter. To know about the specific type of car oil as well as the filter units for your vehicle, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Year
  2. Make
  3. Model
  4. Size of engine displacement (1.8 L, 2.4 L and so more)
  5. Oil type

You can get the basic information about your vehicle from the car manual that came with your vehicle.

Grab the Tools and Prepare Your Vehicle: Once you are set to change the oil, you must a set of essential tools to achieve the same. Some of the prerequisites include:

  1. Car jack
  2. Socket wrench
  3. Old towel or cloth for catching loose oil
  4. The specific oil
  5. Oil filter
  6. Rubber gloves
  7. Funnel

Drain the Oil: This is the first step towards changing the oil of your car. Before draining, you can run your car for a bit to get the oil warm for easy draining. You can place the drain oil pan underneath the oil can’s plug of your car. You can check the car’s manual to locate the same in your car. The oil present inside the car would be too hot. Therefore, you can make use of the socket wrench for loosening the plug of the drain. As the oil beings to flow, let your car run out of oil completely.

Remove & Replace the Filter of the Oil: You can start by unscrewing the previous oil filter. Then, you should allow the opening of the same drain completely of the remaining oil. Then, replace the previous filter after which, you should tighten its seal properly for no loose openings or valves. You must wear the rubber gloves during the entire process to remain safe.

Refill the Oil: Once you have sealed everything under the car, then you should refill the oil in your car’s engine. You would need to remove the oil capping and then keep the funnel inside it. Begin pouring the fresh oil up to the limit as specified in the car’s manual. Once this is done, you can replace the oil cap. Then, tighten it properly.

These are the simple steps of changing the car engine’s oil all by yourself. Here is a video to help you out.


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