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How to Get Better Gas Mileage?

If you happen to be a motorist or if you own a car, then your topmost priority would be to ensure a better gas mileage to reduce the overall costs of vehicular fuel. With the cost of the natural fuels like petroleum and diesel spiraling upwards, you must know about the effective methods to improve the mpg (miles per gallon) of your vehicle. For, in the end, better fuel economy equals more money in your pockets.

Here are some simple tips to achieve the same:

Make Use of the Right Foot

This could be the simplest trick to cut down on your fuel expenses. If you tend to keep your vehicle on even at traffic lights, then you are wasting more petrol. As a result, your mpg would be low. If you are racing at 80 mph on the driveway, then also you are wasting petrol and lowering the mpg. Here is a small tip: the gas mileage can reduce to around 15 percent when you would drive at 65 mph or less.

Another tip would be to minimize your braking as much as you can. For instance, if you observe the next red lights coming up, then do not race up towards it and arrive at a screeching halt. Try to drive at a moderate speed to improve the overall mileage.

Check the Tyre Pressures

You must check the tyre pressures on a regular basis. If you have a busy week, then you can make this as your weekend routine. If the pressures on the tyres are low, you would be enhancing the tyre’s rolling resistance on the driveway. This would be literally the fuel efficiency and the gas mileage would be low.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter changes can improve the gas mileage of your vehicle by as much as 10 percent. The air filter keeps the dirt particles from damaging the inside architecture of the engine. Thus, your vehicle’s engine runs efficiently. Therefore, you must replace the air filter once a year and you will be guaranteed a better mileage.

Install Low-Rolling Resistance Vehicular Tyres

Many people might not know this, but the vehicle manufacturers design the tyres for ensuring low value of rolling resistance. This implies that there is less effort needed to roll the vehicle’s tyre along the surface of the road. Less effort would mean less load on the engine of your vehicle. Less load would imply improved mpg.

Turn Off the AC if Possible

If you are able to bear the heat, then you can save some money on the gas mileage. You can keep the windows up and your AC off to reduce the strain on your vehicle’s engine. This would automatically improve the mileage and would maintain the aerodynamics of your vehicle.

If you would stick to the tips as mentioned above, then you can improve the gas mileage of your vehicle by as much as 15 percent. Have a happy and economical driving!


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