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How to Wash, Wax and Detail a Car?

Washing and detailing could be the most important tasks for maintaining your car. The hazy paints, crud in the cracks and the dull headlights –all of these might undermine the overall look of your car. If you wish to have an ever-lasting impression on everyone with your spotlessly clean and sparkling car, then you can take help from some expert tips to wash, wax and detail your car. Here are some:

Wash the Haze with Clay

The old or neglected paint might haze out. These tend to accumulate the surface contaminates that the chemical waxes are not able to remove. Therefore, you can make use of a clay bar to remove the abrasive dirt. You can knead the clay bar on the roughened surface to soften the same by running the same across straight lines. It might take some time to clay the surface which is to be followed by proper cleaning and waxing.

Exterior Care

The hazed-out headlights of the car are not just ugly, but dangerous too. You can make use of the plastic polish to remove the haze. Try to mask the given area to prevent the wearing off the nearby paint. For the car wheels, you can wet the surface and they brush the surface with the help of a wheel cleaner. Make use of a soft brush to get to the hiding location of the brake dust. Create a good lather and rinse repeatedly. Finally, clean up the area with a clean towel followed by a car wax.

Cleaning the Bare Metal

The polished metal on the cars of today are either painted or chromed plastic or coated metal. You can try out light hand polishing the metal surface which can be followed with proper waxing. The bare metal would leave a grey residue on the polishing cloth –the absence of the same would imply the polishing of the clean coat.


You can achieve the detailing with the help of a specialized detailing brush or an old toothbrush to get the crud out of the cracks. You must ensure that your vehicle is completely dry before waxing. You can make the detailing process simpler by keeping all the car-care stuff at one place for easier access.

Washing and Waxing

Once you have washed your car, you can protect the finish of the car’s paint by applying a good layer of high-quality car wax or some other form of sealant. While washing, you should apply the wax only when the car becomes cool enough to touch. Additionally, you must also ensure to make use of only clean and non-abrasive cloth or pads. As the waxes come in both liquid or paste forms, the liquid waxes are recommended by the experts as they are quite easier to apply and offer great protection to the surface of the car.

Try out these simple washing, waxing and detailing tips to make you car shine out amongst others.


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